Collider Activity Center

International Open Architectural Competition.

The specifics of the development’s site are quite unique and in conjunction with the brief some of the straightforward decisions can be controversial. There is the end of the neighborhood line – the existing residential buildings from the one side and the open space field to the other. The Development itself should have displayed its function properly, and in the same time respect the surroundings. The Park as part of the brief which have the same weight as the building itself. Our Design proposal is aiming towards composing all these issues and turning them into one complete solution.

We offer gentle morphing between the building and the park. The viewers from the street will see building and at the same time the viewers from the park will see park. The site and brief specifics is to be turned in the Design main feature. The rooftop bar will become road house. The conservatory will lie bellow the terrain instead above it. The high climbing walls will feature in cave-like atrium, instead if raising free and in the same time everything will be properly displayed to the surroundings.

The project is meant to give the best of the vistas and exposure to the free open space available, allowing for a smooth transition between the interior and exterior. The building consists of two orthogonal blocks which accommodate most of the premises and act like posts of the concrete cassette curved slab which serves as the roof of the climbing walls atrium and at the same time the bridge on which the site is climbing over. It gently evolves to a covered walkway (conservatory through the winter) which is basically peeled off tiny strip of the site connecting the roof of the building with the park. It projects itself outside the boundaries and is becoming a landmark of the development allowing the park alleys to go up to the panorama bar and down again. Jogging and cycling most extreme route possible.

The main entrance is leading directly to the high wall atrium serving as a lobby as well. The coffee shop is placed inside and acts like a separation between the high wall climbing zone and the boulder hall. Above it there are two bridges adopting the same attitude and connecting the two parts of the building.

The west block has Funtopia and almost all of the service premises on lower three floors. The Multifunctional Hall is sitting on the whole floor above them. Then on the roof there is the Panorama Bar.

The east block receives the restaurant on the ground floor. It is directly connected to the coffee shop as it is feasible both of them to use the same service premises like kitchen, staff changing rooms, toilet, etc. Both of them are adjacent to the covered walkway. Above the restaurant there is the Fitness fully glazed towards the open view. On the same level is the Spa center. The Fitness and the SPA share common reception desk and changing rooms. On levels 9,90 and 13,20 are positioned the offices.

The Park has all the elements required in the brief. The most interconnected with the building is the concealed into the ground open summer stage. It is natural continuation of the covered walkway line and gives a hint of the building concept to the park.

Outside look of the building are pretty much subordinate of the two long stairways going diagonally trough the east and west facades. The solid beams waiving trough them is separating the façades in two plans as well as two façade cladding materials. The one is glass panels and the other is perforated steel sheet panels. The purpose of the glass panels is to reflect, so the two blocks may vanish in existing surrounding. The perforated steel on the other hand is defined by the curvy line of the stairs and this way underline the landscape-like structure of the building. To assure that the effect will remain intact trough the whole day the perforated steel is acting like a curtain which looks solid in daylight but transparent in the night when the lighting is on. It also serves as a sun screen giving “dappled shadow” in interior.

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