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4DA offers high quality architectural services ranging from boutique interiors to complete multistorey and multifunctional buildings. From Feasibility Studies to designing of every single detail – it's all covered. We did it before! We’ll do it again! Please check our portfolio and see for yourself!

We have proven invaluable expirience of providing high quality service. 4DA has it all. Go there - check it out! What you need - we can offer:

  • Feasibility Studies
  • Preliminary Design and Visualizations
  • Complete Multidisciplinary Technical Design
  • Detailed Shop Drawings
  • Interior Design
  • Supervision

Our Services

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Feasibility Studies
We have started many projects from scratch. Our experience proves that this part of our job is extremely valuable to the Investor.
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Multidisciplinary Design
We have team of proven specialists that cover every aspect of the technical design. Our complete projects are out there to confirm our expertise.
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Iterior Design
It is not colorful candles. It is not silk curtains! It is not IKEA furniture. It is something very, very different! Do you know what interior design is? We'll let you know!
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Let’s just say that we have old jeans and a t-shirts that invoke far more respect on-site than Versace Suit.


image House in Bistrica Village
image Borovets Euphoria Club Hotel & Spa
image Nickels Showroom - Mall Of Plovdiv